Traveling Right after Graduation

Most students are stressed about what will happen after graduation. That’s why most of them send hundreds of resumes or get internships – although these aren’t necessarily bad things, this is not what I chose after graduating. At that time, I reckoned that I had an urge to travel the world, to experience new cultures, new places, meet other people. And I’m so happy that I chose that path – not only that it helped me grow, as an individual, but it prepared me for adulthood.

As soon as I graduated, I wanted to feel free, and I knew that it was the perfect timing to go down that path, because, with age come more responsibilities. For me, traveling helped me to unravel my passion, which is photography. Since I traveled alone, my camera became my trusty companion. I used it to capture the beauty of the places I went to, to grasp the essence of each culture and country.

I went to Prague, which impressed me with its fairytale vibe – talking on its streets made me think I somehow traveled back in time. Moving on, Amsterdam is definitely on my top favorite list, being such a sophisticated, beautiful city – obviously, the canals are the typical background of every Amsterdam card, as you can see in my photography, which is what makes the city more unique.

The list may go on, Croatia, Germany, France, Ireland – all these countries allowed me to apprehend different facets of the world. I gained perspective – I think it is crucial to realize the immensity of the world. Additionally, it also thought me that life is a gift, and I should convey the life and the people in my life as such. Plus, traveling expands your mind, eliminating the prejudices you may have built up. And, most importantly, traveling made me independent.